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HitekSoftware.com is owned and operated by Hitek Software. We are located in Santa Barbara, California USA. Founded in 1999, we are the leader in multi-platform automation software. Our goal is to create affordable, and high level automation software products for large enterprises as well as small businesses. We provide automation related software for Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix.

Contact Information:
HiTek Software
Santa Barbara
California 93111
Email: support@hiteksoftware.com

wanted to mention that we are very happy with the product and your quick support (always). We have 1300 tasks/chains which run constantly without problem. Thanks again for a solid product. –Automize Enterprise User

I have gone through 10-15 different FTP clients and none seem to have as much functionality as JaSFtp. This is really a great product! –JaSFTP User

Wow! What a deal for a Windows scheduler with tremendous features. The Chain feature to add dependencies on jobs works like a charm and was the biggest need that I had. I am surprised that this feature is lacking in so many scheduler systems. I tried about 4 schedulers out before I found Automize. Automize won hands down! –Automize User

You did it!!! Your last suggestions allowed me to download the files I was looking for. Very nice program! I'm especially happy with the capability to use the DATE system variable define a file name to be retrieved. This is exactly what we need. Thanks again for all your excellent help.–AbleFTP user