Unix / Linux

Please note that Version 11 will only work with a JRE1.8 compatible java virtual machine (JVM) on your system.

Preinstall Requirements
1. Install a JRE 1.8 or later, java virtual machine. You can download one from the
Java website
2. java executable in  jre../bin has to be in your system Path.

If you are upgrading:
1) Stop the service if the engine is running as a service
2) Shut down engine from user interface
3) Shut down user interface 

Install & Launching Instructions
1.  Download and expand the .tar.gz archive.
2.  Start a Terminal window and issue the following commands
./Automize &                         (if you installed Automize)
./JaSFTP &                         (if you installed JaSFTP)
./AbleFTP &                         (if you installed AbleFTP)
./AutoKrypt &                         (if you installed AutoKrypt)

PostInstall Requirements
1.  For AutoKrypt and Automize Enterprise, you need to download and place the gpg executable as follows:
2.  Make a folder called  'gnupg'  in the main AutoKrypt or Automize folder.
3.  Copy gpg executable and any other supporting gpg files into gnupg folder.