Unix / Linux

Please note that Version 13 will only work with a JRE 17 compatible java virtual machine (JVM) on your system.

Preinstall Requirements
1. Install a OpenJDK java 17. You can download one from the
OpenJDK website
2. java executable in  jre../bin has to be in your system Path.

If you are upgrading:
1) Stop the service if the engine is running as a service
2) Shut down engine from user interface
3) Shut down user interface 

Install & Launching Instructions
1.  Download and expand the .tar.gz archive.
2.  Start a Terminal window and issue the following commands
./Automize &                         (if you installed Automize)
./JaSFTP &                         (if you installed JaSFTP)
./AbleFTP &                         (if you installed AbleFTP)
./AutoKrypt &                         (if you installed AutoKrypt)

PostInstall Requirements
1.  For AutoKrypt and Automize Enterprise, you need to download and place the gpg executable as follows:
2.  Make a folder called  'gnupg'  in the main AutoKrypt or Automize folder.
3.  Copy gpg  folders & files into gnupg folder.
4.  Please note that gpg exec goes into 'bin' subfolder.  Please maintain the gnupg folder structure.
5.  Typical subfolders within gnupg may include bin, lib, share and few more folders depending on your OS.