Support Policy for non-supported Platforms

We can only support Windows, MacOSX, and Linux.   We test on Windows,  MacOSX and Linux (Ubuntu).

We understand user concerns regarding our non support for all platforms.   This is what you can expect from us for non-supported platforms:
1)  We do not have the capability or resources to install and test our software Solaris, HpUX, Aix etc..
2) However, 100% of our source code is enclosed in error loops which log data into the debugLog.  This allows all users from all platforms to send us error reports.  We then go back to our code, locate the error, make a best guess fix, and ensure that the fix works on Windows, MacOSX, and Linux.  This automatically fixes the issue on all other platforms.
3) There is very little platform specific code within the software.  The exact same code runs on all platforms and we have never found any platform specific issue yet.  The user interface is purposely made very simple to prevent any platform specific issue.
4) Even though we cannot test on Solaris, HpUX, Aix etc.., if you send us a bug report from these platforms, we will go through our code to check the possible issue and provide fixes if possible.  We will also research java forums for the related issue.
5) We do have a number of Solaris, HpUX, Aix and other users, and we have not had a un-resolvable platform specific issue yet.